Standish Media About Mobile AppsStandish Media provides New Media consulting, audio solutions and production services to individuals and organizations of all types and sizes.

Hosted Audio Solutions

  • Custom solutions that allow Podcasters and New Media Publishers to deliver audio-based autoresponders, subscriptions, courses and specialty products such as CoachingCasts™.
  • Allow listeners to receive content the way they want it; direct downloads, web-players, email notifications, text messages or private/password protected podcast feeds.
  • Integrate with almost any existing or new podcast, opt-in, mailing list, shopping cart, membership or subscription service.


Audio & Podcast Consulting and ProductionStandish Media Audio Services

  • Podcast design, planning, website integration, training, submission and launch.
  • Native-English editing of episodes, interviews, narrations, voice-overs, audio courses, etc.
  • Audio recording equipment recommendations, configurations and training.
  • Open source audio production training and custom workflows.
  • Podcast production, media host management, editing, mixing and release.